Blue Winds Dancing

we are a little ranch with a big heart


heritage hogs

grass fed cattle

goats milk


did you know

Most food travels 1500 miles to reach your plate? Grapes contain 15 different pesticides/harmful chemicals? Potatoes contain 35 different pesticides/harmful chemicals?


We do not ranch conventionally, we use permaculture/restoration agriculture principles to work with mother nature and use her wisdom to provide healthy living produce at reasonable prices.


our animals

We raise healthy, happy, fat pigs and cattle. Our livestock are raised on pasture with no growth hormones or anti-biotics! We have grass raised Dexter cattle and pastured Big Black/ Wattle hogs.


milk goats

Our dairy herd is lots of fun! With a mixture of different breeds of goats, our milk is tasty! Goats milk is a great alternative to cows milk.


BWD Ranch is your source of all-natural, local, produce!


BWD Ranch is a veteran and family owned beyond organic, multi-purpose, ranch in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. Indianola to be exact!


Our Values



We respect and honor animals, because the pigyness of the pig is a foundation for health.



We have a CMC, Clientele Membership Club, to encourage the community to get involved in where their food comes from.


Natures Template

We do our best to mimic the natural patterns of nature in our farming practices.


We struggle to maintain our quality of life and our distinctiveness but do so with resilience. We are a success.... but haven't always done it well. There have been disasters but also lots of miracles. Each year things get a little bit better with more and more produce!